Hario Mini Mill Plus is the new version of Mini Mill manual coffee grinder. It has a new reinforced heaxgonal adapter of the handle and a darker reservoir. It is an excellent manual coffee grinder. Ideal for travel, it ensures fast and smooth grinding of your favorite coffee during breaks when you are on the road. You can disassemble and clean it in seconds by rinsing it with warm water. The coffee grinder is extremely practical and handy and lightweight, because it is made of plastic (except for the ceramic discs, of course), which allows it to be adjusted quickly and free of charge.

Capacity Coffee grounds 24g/MATERIAL/Washer, Hopper shaft cover, Pin, Grind adjustment nut : Nylon/Shaft, Screw section, Spring, Handle : Stainless steel/Outer burr, Inner burr : Ceramic/Cover, Bottle : Methacrylate resin/Handle grip, Center cap, Hopper : Polypropylene/Model : MSS-1DTB